8 Foot Man Stripped of World Record

8 Foot Man Stripped of World Record

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Category: 4 Ft Tall Man

Date: May 31, 2020

Site URL: www.youtube.com

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4. What It's Like to Live as a Seven. 20ft TALL HUMAN RECORD! 7ft TALL GUY & TWO 6ft TALL GUYS. Giant 7ft 7in basketballer becomes Britain's tallest man. BLIND DATE! 7 FOOT TALL GUY MEETS 4 FOOT TALL GIRL!. Would you consider 6'1' (185 cm) tall for a guy?. BEING 4 FEET TALL. Who is this guy?. 10 Celebrity Couples With Huge Height Differences!. I Have Reason to Believe Barbara Bush Is Four Feet Tall